एमसीबी कनेक्शन करने का सही तरीका | MCB connection kaise karen | MCB The right way to make connections

एमसीबी कनेक्शन करने का सही तरीका | M.C.B connection kaise karen | M.C.B The right way to make connectionsMCB connection: दोस्तों वैसे तो इलेक्ट्रिक के मामले में जितना सी-खो उतना ही कम है, और एक इलेक्ट्रिशियन को हमेशा सीखते रहना चाहिए, तो इसलिए आज हम सीखेंगे M.C.B का कनेक्शन कैसे करते हैं, और यह कितने प्रकार के होते हैं और कौन सा M.C.B कहां इस्तेमाल किया जाता है, तो दोस्तों बिना समय गवाए चलिए जानते हैं .

M.C.B मतलब मेन सर्किट ब्रेकर, यह 4 तरह का होते हैं पहला है सिंघल पोल M.C.B, दूसरा है डबल पुल M.C.B, 3 पुल M.C.B और 4 पुल M.C.B, यह सारे M.C.B ज्यादातर एसी करेंट में इस्तेमाल किया जाता है, और हर एमसीबी / M.C.B अलग-अलग एंपियर में मिलता है, तो आपको M.C.B लगाने से पहले यह जानना होगा कि आपका करेंट सर्किट का लोड कितना है .
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Filmywap 2020 Official-Download Hindi, 300MB movies, Punjabi, Hollywood Movies Free

Filmywap 2020 Official-Download Hindi, 300MB movies, Punjabi, Hollywood Movies Free 2020: There was a time a few years ago when the internet is not used so much, people did not even have a good phone, people were not so intelligent and data was not so cheap, and downloading movies People used to go to a shop or go to a cyber cafe, I still remember when I used to give ₹ 10 for a film, but today everything has become so easy what to say, where that has caused a lot of websites you can easily download the movie, simply be aware of them, let us know.

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capacitor definition | capacitor types 2020

capacitor definition | capacitor types
What is Capacitor
What is Capacitor: Those people who are connected with
technology, they use it every day, but they also will not know
the real meaning and real use of capacitor, many people do
not even know which capacitor to use. You should do it, so
friends, it is very important for you to know because knowing
about everything is a sign of intelligence, so let's know.

Capacitor is also known as condenser, a device that can store energy, but energy is limited to only a short time, usually the Capacitor television radio musical system computer, even all the electronic and electrical equipment are present. In this world, Capacitor is present inside them all, with the help of Capacitor, the radio can be done easily in the stations like Tune Channel Flickering. It is possible that there are two types of normal capacitors, AC capacitors and DC capacitors.
Dc capacitor DC Capacitor is used in DC Current & DC Current Substances like oil and alum…

What Is Transistor - Transistor Definition - How Transistor Works

What Is Transistor - Transistor Definition - How Transistor Works
What is transistor: Some people's mind moves away from the world,
and because of this, they are considered crazy by everyone, but due
to this madness, they do some work that brings revolution in the world,
this is the thing to think about.
[What Is Transistor - Transistor Definition How Transistor Works] That is how people can think in such a different way, where does the
imagination of new things come to their mind, is there any reason
behind it, but whatever the reason is, the benefit reaches people only.

In the world of electronics, a transistor is a product without which no thing
will be made, the transistor is used in all the products that are in our daily
life, so the question is what is this transistor, and who made it? Hello
friends and welcome to another of my knowledgeable posts.
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How to do house wiring, Electrical Theory in English

How to do house wiring, Electrical Theory in English
How to do house wiring: Hello friends, the category of electrical engineering, learn cannot be finished even in whole life, and house wiring comes in this category, today on this post, I am going to tell you some things that will help you yourself Will be able to do wiring of your house easily, and if you are an electrician, then this post is very beneficial for you, so let's know.

Before you go about house wiring, you need to know about electrical theory,
it matters the most, you can buy a book called PS DHOGLE, this book contains
all the information about electrical theory, and If you already know all this
information then it is very good thing.

How To Do House Wiring
Normal houses used in wiring are 1.5mm wire, 2.5 wire, 4mm wire, 1.5mm wire
used for appliances like point, light and fan in homes, and the same 2.5mm wire
used for TV geyser. 4mm wire is mostly used for domestically appliances such as
AC and sometimes mains supply…

MCB Circuit Diagram, MCB full form 2020 High tech tips

M.C.B Circuit Diagram, M.C.B full form 2020 High tech tips

Before knowing about MCB box, it is important to know about MCB, click here to know about MCB, Friends. S.B is used in every house nowadays, because it is easier to use, earlier used to use fuses, but now the MCB has come in their place.
Why use M.C.B
Friends, such devices have come in our homes or offices, which are made according to the present day, and they are very valuable too, and you or you would not want that equipment to go bad, is it? That is why we need to install MCB, in fact MCB is such a gadget that we can control our home bearer Current Supply using this m.c.b.

In our homes there are many plug point TV fridges, etc., and all of them require a circuit to run, a circuit ie a live wire with phase neutral and earthing, and these circuits are in different amperes and The load on them is also different, and to control these loads we need M.C.B.
if there is evermore load in these circuits then there is a lot of M.C.B in our house.…

Air Conditioner System Diagram, AC kaise kaam karta hai

How does ac work, AC kaise kaam karta hai

Air Conditioner System Diagram, a lot of people think that there is such a machine that can be installed anywhere and can be cooled, many people do not even know what it is, And bay means we get scared towards him, if you want to know how to do such a thing, then remain on my blog whose name is. How does ac work, AC kaise kaam karta hai
In 1828, Nicola Tesla discovered AC, yes it is humans who invented things like Death ray, the invention of AC provided people with another means that can  cool their body with cool air in summer , There is also AC available in the market that vents hot air in cold weather and cool air in summer.
But it takes a lot of money, window AC split AC cassette AC portable s in the market at the moment Are getting priced depending on their capacity.
An AC consists of two fans, a compressor 2 Coil, a circuit board is present, if there is an AC window, it has 2 fans but the motor is the same, in addition there are some wires …