The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020

End of the world: When will the end of our universe, This is the biggest
question in the world, you all must know what will happen to our universe
in the upcoming time, so friends, let's go to some 100 years ahead a
thousand years. Millions of billions of years ahead and know the future
of our universe.

The end of the world | End of earth
The end of the world | End of earth

100 million years from today
The world we are living today is now advanced, artificial intelligence has
taken its place in the place of humans in works like roads, toilets and gutters
all the villages in the world have turned into big cities, and pollution The sun
has become many times brighter than it was in the 21st century.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020
The end of the world | End of earth

due to which the temperature of the earth has reached 50 degrees Celsius,
due to the negligence and need of humans Due to the rations, such pollution
has spread on the earth that there is no more ozone layer outside.

200 million years later
Now hundred million years have passed and the temperature of the earth has
increased even more, due to which all the rivers and seas almost all have dried
up, and because of all this, there has been some memories of the human on
which the earth once lived, Some broken buildings, vehicles, etc., now only
some strange people are living here and they too are slowly dying.

Some fortunate rich people have made their home on Mars, because at this time
Mars is the only planet where the temperature is less, but within a few thousand
years, the temperature of the sun has increased so much that even Mars is not
worth living.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020
The end of the world | End of earth

And as a result, a human being cannot go anywhere and cannot do anything, now
its destruction is certain, so a creature called a human being who was once present
in the universe and does not exist, has lost its mark.

Nearly 400 million years later
Our milkweed neighbor Andromeda has pulled our milkweed towards us. When
humans were present on Earth, this Andromeda Galaxy was about 250 million
light years away from our milkweed, but now it is going to colloid from our galaxy,
And within a few years, these two galaxies have collided with each other and
together they have made a big Galaxy One.

A galaxy that has no name, because it was a human being, was a creature that
gave a name to everything, but now that there is no human being in the universe,
now everything that exists in the universe is created or is being created.
He has no name.

500 million years later
Milky-way and Andromeda have collided with the Galaxy 1, but our solar system
is still present, but they are also going to end slowly, how big the sun was in the
21st century, it has increased 200 times today. And continues to move forward,
the sun looks like this from the earth, but there is no one to see it, a very big
sun that is slowly preparing to swallow all the planets.

First of all, Mercury Venus and now Earth is also over, in which once humans lived
where once they used to live, now there is no more, after this every single planet
Yama Sunny Jupiter has come in the grip of all the sun, and now the situation has
been created where no other planet exists in the universe except the sun.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020

1.5,00 crore years later
Now the entire solar system is over and the broken pieces of planets are giving
into the universe and the sunlight is slowly ending, that is, the sun is dying now.

10,000 crore years later
In the universe, where the Milky Way Galaxy is, the Andromeda Galaxy, which
formed one long ago, there are about 100 galaxies in them, and it is called asquare
super-cluster, meaning before that in the 21st century all the galaxies lived in
their place, But now they are gathering together due to their gravitational force,
and are making a big galaxy.

One trillion years later
As I said, it has been 900 billion years since different super galaxies are being built,
and now they are all dead because the galaxy needs wires to become, and the
dust cloud to form stars Is needed, but now there is no dust
cloud anywhere in the universe.

When humans lived, it was easily found everywhere, but now that no human or
any eclipse exists, due to this, the stars have stopped forming, and all the stars
are present inside the galaxy, all of them Dying slowly slowly.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020
The end of the world | End of earth

Two hundred million years later
You know that this universe expands every second, but now its speed has
increased so much that now the size of the universe can not be imagined,
all the galaxies are over, some fragments of broken planets are left, and
Because of the spread of the universe, they are moving away from each
other, meaning the distance of these is increasing.

20 lakh crore years later
10 or 15 stars are still alive at the other end of this dead universe, and the
fiercest black holes of space are floating in millions, and are hunting down
fragments of the remaining planets.

One crore crore years later
The stars that were in the other end of the universe are now over, and the
black holes are now eating the leftovers, covering all the things in the black
hall, finally there is nothing left in the universe, except the black hole Now
nothing in the universe adjusts, these two-and-a-half are sitting with their mouths open.

Billions of years later
There is nothing left in this universe, nothing is visible far away, but there are
some things still to be done, if you look at the universe by zooming, then
different atoms have been separating here, whatever part of the planets
remains. The black holes which have not been able to come out due to their
distance, are now seen floating.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020
The end of the world | End of earth

But which is no longer a planet or galaxy in the universe, so these black holes
are coming closer to each other because of their gravity, and all the black
holes are joining together to form one super black hole, a black hole whose
effect No one can escape from it, due to which the pieces of the remaining
planets were no longer there.

After a billion years
Now that the universe has grown so much that it is not easy to count, and
because of that, even those super black holes have started to penetrate
due to Hawking radiation, and within a few years that big black hole Has
also disappeared, and now the time has come where protons are not neutron
electrons, no black holes, no planets, no galaxies, no stars exist in this universe.

The end of the world | End of earth [English] 2020

Now nothing in this universe does not exist, even nothing. It is no longer
absolutely nothing, but there is one thing and that is the universe which
has no end which is immortal in itself, which cannot be killed, and It is growing
day by day, and perhaps this is the God, there is no end to it, which is
present everywhere.

But you do not need to take tension because it will take billions of trillions of
years to happen, and you will not be able to see all this, so take a long
breath and lighten your heart.

Let's go and comment, tell me how you liked this article, thanks for joining us and have a nice day.


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